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4 weeks post op incision still red

I’m 4 weeks post op and all of incisions but one are almost completely healed. The one thats not is a little red and seems to not want to heal. I have an appointment with my doctor next wednesday and I am planning on asking him about it.


The incision is red around it but not spider webbing out and not spreading or getting bigger (if anything it may have gotten a little less red). It also doesn’t hurt or even really itch at all, which is why i dont think its infected. The only thing is that every 3 days or so the scab will crack and it will ooze a little. when It does this I put neosporin on it and a bandage.


I’s this kind of thing normal? I wouldn even worry about it except all my other incisions (including my big one) are scarred over and almost completely healed. Has anyone else experianced this? If so what did you do to help it heal?

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