17 Places to Meet and Date Accra Girls

Accra is a metropolitan city with a lot of sights. But when we are really honest, you don’t give a shit about that.

You want to meet and date Accra girls.

At least I tried

You don’t want to visit the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum and you also don’t want to visit the Cape Coast Castle. Or maybe you do. But only with a beautiful girl who shows you around during the day and who shows you other things during the night.

That’s why I decided to write this article about dating the women in the capital of Ghana instead of boring you with a list of sights to visit that you can look up on Instagram, Pinterest or Google.

This is not your typical “10 Places to Visit When You travel to Accra” post. No, this is so much more…and so much naughtier.

Let’s find out where YOU can meet beautiful dark-skinned girls on your next trip to Accra…

1-3. Don’t Meet and Date Accra Girls in the Red Light District

I don’t like to sugarcoat anything.

This city has a problem. And this problem has three letters.

Sexy, but also healthy?

You already know what it is and I know that you want to do anything in your power that you don’t get it. Yes, I’m talking about HIV and even though it’s an uncomfortable topic, it’s one that can’t be ignored.

The sad truth is that Accra has a prevalence rate of 3.2%. That’s about three times higher than the national average. Thank God, condoms are highly effective in preventing an HIV infection, but I know that some men still believe that raw dogging is cool and wrapping up is for pussies…

…especially men who are addicted to prostitutes.

I don’t say that you are one of these men, but in case you are:

Be careful, think twice before you regret something, and stay away from girls who ask you to take them home.

They love to hunt for white guys and they do it in the following districts:

  • East Legon
  • The Kwame Nkrumah Circle
  • The Oxford Street in the Osu district

I’m definitely not a saint, but if I were you, I would stay away from the girls who stand on the corner and wave at you with a seductive smile. You can meet and date so many beautiful, educated, and healthy women in Ghana.

4-6. Meet and Date Accra Girls at One of The Best Clubs

No, not all the girls you’ll meet in the bars and clubs of Accra are prostitutes. Some of them are, but it’s pretty easy to detect them.

They are sitting alone at the bar, waiting for customers or they are standing in the corner, nervously looking around for the perfect target.

Focus on the girls who are with friends, who dance and who have a good time.

These are the ones you want…and the ones who don’t charge.

But where should you go?

Even though the nightlife in Accra is not comparable to the nightlife in London, New York or Bangkok, there are still a few good places. Places with beautiful women.

Rockstone‘s Office:

This is THE bar in Accra. Everyone knows it, even the female expats and backpacker girls who want to have fun.

But you are not here for the expats and backpackers. You want to meet Accra girls and the Rockstone’s Office this is by far the best venue to meet middle class and upper class women in this city. Of course, you’ll also stumble upon the occasional gold digger. It’s up to you if you want to pay for her drink.

Plot 7:

The Pro 7 Lounge Club “fuses the appeal of an ultra-exclusive lounge and a high-energy nightclub”.

That’s what they say about themselves on their homepage. Everyone who’s ever been there knows that they don’t exaggerate.

There’s a lounge, a club, and many beautiful women who want to meet Western men. The only downside is that it’s not the cheapest club in town, but that shouldn’t come to a surprise when you see it from the inside…


While the Plot 7 is better for deep conversations with women with a deep cleavage, the Duplex night club is perfect if you want dancing crowds and sweaty nights.

We both know how much Accra girls love to twerk.

House Music beats and sexy girls who know how to shake their asses turn this venue into a great place for Western men who want to mate.

7. Meet and Date Women from Accra on Afro Introductions

Meeting beautiful Ghanaian women in one of the bars and clubs I mentioned is way better than hunting for prostitutes who don’t know the difference between a condom and a condo.

But we all know that party girls are not girlfriend material, let alone wife material.

Dating this type of Accra girls can be fun. No doubt about that. Still, you might not want to marry a girl who spent her twenties drinking and partying.

I understand that. I wouldn’t do it any different.

Raunchy party girls are my second choice. Traditional good girls will always be my first choice.

“But where can I meet women with traditional family values who are looking for a relationship or marriage?” you might ask yourself.

Let me answer this question with a question:

Have you ever heard of Afro Introductions?

No? It’s an international dating site that helps Western men like you to meet stunning traditional African women like her…

Oh, and this African dating site has more than 2.5 million members. Many of them are from Ghana. Most of them are from the capital.

The last time I checked, this dating site had more than 1000 female members (way more) who either live directly in the city center of Accra or in the area.

I received quite a few messages from beautiful Accra girls.

Here you can see the screenshots of these messages

8-10. Meet and Date Sugar Mommies in these Areas of Accra

Who wants to date a sugar mommy in Accra? Anyone?

You’re probably reading this article because you smile, fantasize and do some other things that I don’t want to mention when you’re thinking about hot, young African women.

But maybe, just maybe, you wouldn’t say no to a curvy African Sugar Momma.

Heck, maybe you want to date one of the female expats who get paid a shitload of money and who don’t want to spend their days and nights with an uneducated African beach boy.

These girls exist. And if you are into older women and you wouldn’t say not to a menu with lobster, caviar, and champagne, you can look for them in the following areas:

  • The Cantonments
  • The Osu district (just avoid the prostitutes at night)
  • The Roman Ridge area

11-15. Meet and Date Accra Girls at One of These Malls

Okay, who am I kidding?

There’s maybe a 1% chance that you are into Sugar Mommies. Let’s snap back to reality. And the reality looks like this:

You want to date young African women and the malls in Accra are a great place to meet them.

Here are some of the places you should check out:

  • Accra Mall
  • Marina Mall
  • Mokala Shopping Mall
  • Junction Mall Nungua
  • West Hills Mall (located outside of the city center, in the West of Accra)

Let’s see who you’ll meet in these malls

Who do you find in these malls?

  • Single women who are window shopping
  • Girls who are looking for a man who can buy them an IPhone (on your own risk)
  • Groups of women who are drinking coffee and talking about their dream guy
  • College girls who go to Starbucks after a long day at university

You’ll meet the right girl. I’m sure.

16. Meet and Date Accra Girls at the Makola Market

One word to describe the Makola Market in Accra:


It’s huge. No matter what you want to buy (who doesn’t want to have a goat?), you can get it here. It’s the biggest market in Ghana.

But what if you want to approach a woman named Nana instead of buying a goat named Fridolin?

The Makola Market is still perfect.

Just think about it…

Everybody is running around….men, women and a few hundred chickens. It’s loud, people are screaming. Nobody notices when you approach a woman.

Do it. You will see.

Everyone is so busy haggling for the cheapest price that nobody even realizes when you get the phone number of the most beautiful girl at the market.

17. Meet and Date Accra Girls on Labadi Beach

Do you know how the locals call Labadi Beach?

They call it La Pleasure Beach.

The name is perfect because it’s a real pleasure to look at all the sexy African girls in tight bikinis. And it’s even more fun to approach them, to talk to them and to date them.

Even though the beach is not directly located in the capital (it’s located near a town called Teshie), I would say that it’s the best place to meet and date Accra girls and women from other parts of Ghana during the day.

  • Many Accra girls go there because they hope to meet Western men.
  • Most of these girls are not afraid to show what they got.
  • It’s fun to get to know one of these girls while playing around in the water.

Or wait.

Why would you approach African beauties at the Labadi Beach when you can directly date them, hold them and kiss them at the beach?

Just imagine how amazing it would be if you met a girl online and invited her on a date on the beach.

She would dress up for you in the tightest bikini she can find. And she would already show up with the plan to get to know you (let’s call it like this) in the water.

If I landed in Accra tomorrow, I would set up a date with a sexy Accra girl today.

Then I would take her to Labadi Beach and enjoy her presence, her beauty, and her skin.

Summed Up Wisdom

Accra is the capital city of Ghana and even though it has many impressive sights, you probably care more about the beautiful women in this city. You should. Meeting and dating Accra girls can be fun and easy.

As long as you don’t pick up a prostitute at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle, you can meet amazing women. No matter if you want to date a Sugar Momma from the Roman Ridge area or a beautiful young lady who loves to spend her time in the Marina Mall, you’ll find her in the capital of Ghana.

Just remember that meeting the right girls is even easier when you look for her on Afrointroductions. And where do you go on your first date? You take her to the Labadi Beach.

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