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10 Identifiable Signs of a Cheating Boyfriend

10 Identifiable Signs of a Cheating Boyfriend

Published on: September 24, 2016

Do you have doubts that your boyfriend is cheating you for that other girl on the block? You can confirm that suspicion by checking out these 10 identifiable signs of a cheating boyfriend. Before you read these points, I would like to tell you one thing. Suspicion is not a very good thing and is the major reason why a majority of relationships break. So try and believe in your boyfriend until of-course you are at a point where you feel that something is really wrong somewhere.

Signs of Cheating

Your boyfriend is neglecting you. This is perhaps the most obvious sign that your boyfriend is trying to hide something. For instance:

Boyfriend Making Excuses for Not Being Able to Come Over

Has it ever happened that you invited your boyfriend to your place and he rejected the offer making up some excuses? This is one of the first signs that your boyfriend could be cheating on you.

Not Reaching to Dates On Time as Before

Does he come late on dates and gives lame excuses that his work-load has increased and he will have to reduce the number of dates with you? A solid cheating sign to look out for.

Forgetting Special Days

A guy who really cares about you will never forget those special days. Believe it or not guys have a tendency to forget birthdays and other special days like the day you first kissed or first met or first dated or first made love. These things do not matter a lot to the guy, but they do matter to the girl. So a good boyfriend will at-least make an active attempt to remember these dates by keeping a note of them.

If your guy does not wish you on these days, considering that he was wishing or gifting you on these days on previous occasions there is something wrong.

Change in Gifting Behavior

Has the number of gifts that your guy used to present you reduced of-late? Chances are that he is spending all his money getting gifts for another girl. So unless and until your boy friend is going through some tough financial problems, this is something to look out for.

Change in Love Making Frequency

This is one sign that you really need to look out for. For all this time you were with your boyfriend, you would certainly know his sexual appetite. So if there is a reduction then the only reason could be the presence of another woman. This is one sign of cheating that you can easily identify so look out for it.

Increase in the Number of Phone Calls and SMS

Is your boyfriend receiving more private phone calls and SMS than what he used to get? Does he walk up a distance before he even picks up the call? Does he read the SMS in such a manner that you don’t get a chance to see it? All these are vital signs that your boyfriend could be cheating on you.

Acting Cautious

Does your guy get all jittery when you try to use his cell phone or go through his phone book? Or may be use his PC? There are chances that he is trying to hide something from you.

Accusing and Being Angry

These are signs that your boyfriend is trying to get to your nerves so you break up with him. He will try to accuse you of cheating or get angry at whatever you do.

Your Gut Feeling

Finally it all comes down to your gut feeling. Does your gut feeling say that your boyfriend is showing signs of cheating? Then chances are that you are actually right.

In most cases the chances are that you are just being paranoid. If not, and your gut feeling says that something is wrong, you can always look out for these signs of a cheating boyfriend and if he is cheating on you, so can you.. After-all there is no point is sticking around with someone who is cheating. So go ahead and make things clear. Talk with your boyfriend and tell him it’s okay and you can part ways if he is not happy with the relationship.

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